Maybe you should just lock it away and wait for Mr. or Miss Right?

Links to some of our favorite websites and gratuitous photos of hot guys and favorite spandex wear.

Men's Swimwear

Gay Bi Straight Sex

How about no sex at all? Just wear a swimsuit with an Ass Spark butt plug/cock ring to get that orgasm flowing at the beach.

Spandex Fetish
Ass Spark Swimsuit

Male to female transformation suit. Gay Bi Straight Sex or maybe try going all the way femme.

Male Chastity
Brazilian Bikini

Gay Bi Straight Sex

The default is having fun.

Gear for better sex, fetish gear, male to female transformation and more.  having gay bi straight sex is fun but having great sex is that much better. We titled this site "Gay Bi Straight Sex" because we feel with all the changes going on any of these individually or together are now considered extremely mainstream. This might not be the case in small town USA but visit any major city and it is game on. Keep in mind if you a crossing over to experiment with new pleasures the experiences will be interesting and in many cases a lot of fun but always be safe, use a condom and take your time. It is true that you no longer need to consider yourself gay or bi to have sex with another man or many men. You no longer have to identify as a man to have sex with all or any of the above. These are new and exciting times for human sexuality and that goes double for men. Women have always considered sex with other women to be a viable option even if they never considered themselves anything other than straight. We here at Gay Bi Straight Sex are thrilled that there is no longer a double standard for men.

The new normal.